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Business Statistics Course ECOE 1302
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Chapter Topic Solved Problems
In class Discussion
1 Introduction and Data Collection: PDF,PPT Problems
3 Numerical Descriptive Measures: PDF,PPT Problems
6 The Normal Distribution: PDF, PPT Problems Problems
7 Sampling and Sampling Distributions :PDF, PPT Problems
8 Confidence Interval Estimation : PDF,PPT  
  Practice for MIDTERM Exam: PDF See below
9 Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing: One-Sample Tests : PDF, PPT Problems
10 Two-Sample Tests : PDF, PPT
12 Correlation and Simple Linear Regression: PDF New
  Practice for the FINAL Exam: PDF See below  



Practice Midterm Exam:

Chapter 1              Solutions

Chapter 3              Solutions

Chapter 6              Solutions

Chapter 7              Solutions

Chapter 8              Solutions New

Chapter 9              Solutions New

Chapter 10            Solutions New

Chapter 12            Solutions New


Midterm Exam (A): Solutions New

Midterm Exam (B): Solutions New