Business Statistics Course ECOE 1302

Business Statistics Course ECOE 1302

Spring 2013

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Statistical Tables



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Midterm Examinations:

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Lecture Notes:


Chapter Topic Notes
1-Slide/ Sheet 3-Slides/ Sheet
1 Introduction and Data Collection   Notes Notes
3 Numerical Descriptive Measures Notes Notes
6 The Normal Distribution Notes Notes
7 Sampling and Sampling Distributions Notes Notes
8 Confidence Interval Estimation Notes Notes
9 Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing: One-Sample Tests Notes Notes
10 Two-Sample Tests and One-Way ANOVA Notes Notes
11 Chi-Square Tests Notes Notes
12 Simple Linear Regression Notes Notes
13 Multiple Regression Notes Notes
14 Statistical Applications in Quality Management Notes Notes


Practice Problems:

Chapter 1:    Problems           Solutions

Chapter 3:    Problems           Solutions

Chapter 6:    Problems           Solutions

Chapter 7:    Problems           Solutions

Chapter 8:    Problems           Solutions

Chapter 9:    Problems           Solutions

Chapter 10:  Problems           Solutions

Chapter 11:  Problems           Solutions

Chapter 12:  Problems           Solutions



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