Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making

Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making

MBAG 6302

Title Topic Questions
Chapter 1 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis Q      S
Chapter 2 Probability concepts and applications Q      S
Chapter 3 Decision Analysis. Q      S
Chapter 4 Regression models Q & S
Chapter 5 Forecasting Q & S
Chapter 7 Linear Programming: graphic models Q & S
Chapter 8 Linear Programming: Applications Q & S
Chapter  9 Transportation Problem Q & S
Chapter 13 Waiting Lines and Queuing Theory Models Q & S
Chapter 14 Simulation Q & S
Chapter 16 SQC Statistical Quality Control Q & S

Final Homework ProblemsNew



Midterm Exam #1

Midterm Exam #2

Midterm Exam #3New





Statistical Tables