Mathematical Statistics 2017

Mathematical Statistics – MATHA 6330

I have included here the course syllabus, lecture notes, practice problems, etc. These items are available in Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format. Adobe Acrobat files are viewable with a Adobe Acrobat interpreter such as Acrobat.

The content of this page will be updated regularly throughout the semester, so keep checking back for new material.


Click HERE to download the course syllabus

Text Books

Click HERE to download the Statistical inference book. Casella, G., & Berger, R. L. (2002). Solutions Manual

Click HERE to download the Introduction to mathematical statistics. Hogg, R. V., McKean, J. W. & Craig, A. T. (2014). Solutions Manual

Click HERE to download the Introduction to probability and statistics using R, Kerns, G. J. (2010)


Click HERE to download homework #1


Click HERE to download the first midterm exam

Graphic Calculator

Click HERE to download the graphic calculator

Greek Alphabets

Click HERE to download the Greek Alphabets

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